CURRENT PROJECT: Flooring replacement, Hope Harbor, Salvation Army, Lodi California

Serving in UNITY
in our commUNITY

Fully engaged stakeholders in our local community

commUNITY Service Team

The Why

Serving the commUNITY God has entrusted unto us.

The commUNITY service team are fully engaged stakeholders in their local commUNITY. Motivated by UNITY as "The Church" and inspired by Jesus they follow His example to demonstrate Christ's' love through action, generosity and service.

You are invite all to join this practical expression of love. To do so, reach out to us via the "Contact Us" below to start a conversation.

Guiding verse: Mark 10:45

The How: commUNITY Service

CURRENT PROJECT: Salvation Army / Hope Harbor new floor 6/2018

NEXT COMMUNITY SERVICE EVENT: Service Saturday, August 29 2018


* Salvation Army Men's Christmas Party 2017

* Cubby build project for the women's entry 2017

* 2 commUNITY Service Saturdays in 2017

We are taking project applications now. Please us the "Contact Us" section below to start a conversation.

See The Need ~ Meet The Need

CommUNITY Projects

Operational Service Projects

  • Salvation Army - Hope Harbor total flooring replacement project 6/11/2018. Patio Pergola, Main room painting and front garden area clean up Aug. 2018.
  • Lodi House
  • Pregnancy Resources Center 
  • Lodi Parks & Recreation
  • Local Lodi schools
  • Morengo Men's Homes
  • Lodi Police & 1st Responders
  • Grace & Mercy
  • Help elderly 


  • Salvation Army 
    • Men's Life Group / 4 week series studies / Bible Starting Point and ongoing Life Journal groups.
    • Transition center
    • Morengo Homes for men

Please submit all service project requests via the "Contact Us" form on this site. The CommUNITY service Team project review committee will contact you soon. Please note that this commUNITY service effort is limited in scope and capability and all projects will be evaluated and chosen based on context, expense and ability to perform.

What People Say

 On Saturday May 20th I woke up at 5am... and the anxiety hit me hard! Hesitation and doubts were on my mind. Everything I couldn't do filled my mind as well....but then I realized it's not what I can't do or what I can do. It's what God can do through me.... and that is ANYTHING! I spent  time in prayer and gained confidence in myself. At 8am we met at the Park some of us knew one another some meeting for the first time but one common goal in mind. To do the Lord's work. I was apart of the Salvation Army group. My task to put in some much-needed flooring.. Which I have  never done before. I learned a lot that day how to use the adhesive, measuring, laying a straight line etc. But those were the least important things I learned that day. I connected with men I only knew by face and honestly not by name. I made memories that will last a life time! And God began to work in my heart. I'm not a very social person but God helped me break though strongholds that day! I walked away from the job tired and sore but with a smile on my face and a hunger in my heart.  A brotherhood had begun! And that was just the first meeting! As we continue to conquer more projects we will grow bigger and stronger from God's work through us! Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another. Jerry G.

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"For even the Son of Man came to serve and to give His life
as a ransom for many" Mark 10:45

commUNITY Service Team Leader

 Bill Moersch I 209.602.5000 I

CommUNITY Service Team